From my research I've come across Ying Gao on a few occasions and I am particularly fond of her designs. The use of smart textiles, e-textiles and programming in the garments is a great example of what can be achieved within the field. It is also good to see how the textile applications have been incorporated into a garment



This project comprises of 2 dresses that are made using photoluminescent threads and embedded with eye tracking technology. The technology is activated by a spectators gaze which causes the dress to move. The photoluminscent threads are activated by absorbing natural daylight and then glowing when in a dark environment. I intend to use solar threads that work the same way within my project so its inspiring to see how another design has appraoched the idea of having them on a garment.



This project consists of 2 garments that react to a spectators voice. The pins move to a spectators voice making them appear to engage in a conversation. I am interested in using sensors within my work but this is far more advanced than what I could achieve. I was fortunate enough to be able to see this dress up close at premiere vision and watch it move.


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