As a part of PV there was a section dedicated to wearable technology, fashion and materials. It was great to see the latest designs and a variety of new approaches to technology and, how it could be used within a product. These were my favourites on show:

Ezra + Tuba

Butterfly Dress

Image result for ezra + tuba butterfly dress


This dress incorporates e-textiles to create an interactive dress. The collaboration with Intel used the latest integrated textiles technology to create a dress where the butterflies react when someone approaches. They start to move flapping slowly and as someone gets closer the flapping increases. Finally they can released on mass by the person approaching or via an app connected to the dress.


Sarah Angold

Kingla Necklace

Innovative use of laser cutting to create a wearable necklace. The shaping i found inspiring and it was nice to see a new approach to laser cutting that I hadn't seen much of before. It is an approach i could use when looking at creating 3D surfaces with laser cutting.


Nervous Systems

Tetra Kinematics

black sz M

3D Printed bracelet using triangular shaping. The shapes allow the bracelet to morph and move creating a product that is flexible. It is a technique that I have seen previously in the 3D printing exhibition for creating flexible surfaces. I haven't considered it to date for my work but it is something I could do later if it became appropriate.


There was quite a range of designs on show, all were inspiring and it was good to see it getting a platform at such a large trade show. It supports the idea of technology in fashion and that it is becoming a more viable application in garments and accessories. Both of the accessories are available for people to buy and so its clear that mass production is possible.

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