The starting point for my project began with images I had collected on a trip to Paris. I fell in love with the architecture, the details and baroque style. From the images I looked at what patterns and shapes I found within the buildings and started to draw. 

I quickly realised that by simply re creating the shapes and patterns I wasn't really drawing my own image and consequently it would mean any designs developed wouldn't have come from an original source. As a result of this I gathered the pictures together and started to look at them in more depth listing what was present in them, what I liked about them and any style features present. Contextualising with research into French textiles of the same period I started to form an idea of original resources to draw from. Fruits, leaves, exotic flowers and animals were present in the imagery of both my photos and research so used that as a starting point.

From this I looked for inspiration from art that I love to inspire different drawing techniques. Having visited an exhibition earlier in the year on modern art I particularly enjoyed the work produced in the cubism style so I started to think about different ways of how I could replicate it. Ive started out by breaking the pages up with masking tape which also gives depth to the images as it creates layers. Using tracing paper I drew over the lines and then started to look at removing the masking tape and layering it underneath the paper.

From that I looked at different mark making tools and line density to see how it changed the look if he objects I was drawing. To get a juxtaposed look I reversed the image on top so that they cross over.

Im enjoying this style of drawing and will continue to looking into more ways of layering my drawings. Moving forward I will be introducing colour into the work so that it ties in with my other research.

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