Sustainability and Technology

After a lecture and workshop with Angharad Mclean about sustainability with design and how it can be approached I've started to look for information which re-enforces my approach to it within my project. It was talked about how much of a challenge it is to be completely sustainable and how choosing areas within a production cycle is a possible approach to contributing to sustainability. My project does involve the use of chemicals, plastics and components that may not be easily recyclable so I have had to really consider how I can incorporate a sustainable element.  I have researched into the possibility of having smart textiles producing their own renewable energy so for example solar panels on clothing. I have also looked at using recycled fabrics such as recycled plastics. The main idea however that I am pursuing is the idea of instilling meaning and a personal identity into the textiles in which the wearer would want to keep them longer due to a personal attachment to it. E-textiles for example can be used to produce clothing that can be programmed and so the wear could change the pattern of garment to suit them. This would create a personal attachment to the garment due to the wearer being able to personalise it to them. The longevity of it would depend on how well the garment is made and the production of tools for example an app that would allow the wearer to create their own patterns or download pre made ones. Further research into this led me to find this article which sums up the same idea and talks about Cute Circuit's and Switch Embassy's programmable t-shirts.


I've also come across this video from a TED talk which talks about how fashion technology and sustainability work together. Its fascinating to hear the latest technologies that are being created for the fashion industry and how it is contributing to sustainability. This is particularly interesting with regards to material usage and how it can contribute to the future of the textiles industry.

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