I had a few ideas that I wanted to test and get out of my system so I could see them with my development work. I wanted to explore manipulation on the surface through altering the materials. I started with creating a 3D surface with the tubular crin weaving it with another fabric. The technique created layers to the surface and could be developed to create a 3D sample.

I then had an idea to recreate a goldwork technique but with acetate folding a strip over a shape. The technique worked well to create layers but not on the base fabric as it distorted it due to its lightweight.

Continuing with the same idea I cut sequin strips and manipulated them on the surface of different fabrics. This created a few potential ideas that could work well in samples. The final one had the added feature of manipulating the fabric when it retreats. This idea means I can use embellishment to create a stretch like fabric from a non stretch fabric.

Finally I looked at using distress as a type of fringing to vary the techniques I was using for the idea. I have layered different fabrics and manipulated the edges by distressing them.

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