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The Molly Goddard exhibition at the NOW Gallery in London consisted of tulle dresses suspended from the ceiling for visitors to embroider. I really wanted to visit this exhibition to see what different people would embroider and how embroidery as a technique would be interpreted. On arriving i was given a large sewing needle and directed to use the embroidery thread on display to embroider any of the dresses. Instructions on the walls ave directions for different embroidery stitches and stated that visitors should use 1 meter of thread to embroider whatever they liked. A lot of the embroideries were political statements with visitors clearly using the opportunity to express their opinions on recent events. There were also a few illustrative portrait embroiders as well as classic floral motifs. The vast range of styles and designs was great to see and it gave me a new idea of what modern embroidery means to people. The styles may not generally fit into my project but it was certainly inspirational to see how embroidery is interpreted in so many ways.

Here are some examples of the stitch work on display.

DSC02378 DSC02379 DSC02359

DSC02368 DSC02365 DSC02366

And my little contribution...


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