Whilst searching for new materials and reactive dyes I could use for my project I came across a substance called Ferrofluid. It is a liquid that becomes magnetised when it is presented with a magnetic field and it changes shape to replicate that field. The results are these amazing moving shapes with depth that create a 3D surface. I hadn't realised how many products its currently used in today and was wondering for a way of how it could fit in fashion. More research into this led me to find a project by Iris van Herpen who is well know for her experimentation with materials where a dress was created using the material. The dress itself was created in partnership with Niccolo Casas  for "The future of fashion is now" exhibition at the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningens.

Boijmans van Beuningen ivh_dress

(Images used are from Niccolo Casas.)

I also found this Video about Iris van Herpen, the dress in the exhibition and explaining a bit about the process of making it.

I found it interesting that Iris van Herpen talks about designers she has spoken to not having enough time to develop really new techniques and how she gives herself the time to develop as no body else will do it. It is a shame that not many designers seem to push the boundaries as much as they could but from her continuing to show that it can be done gives me hope as a designer. She leads the way in innovative design and others will follow eventually as it becomes easier to access new technologies. As she says in this video "Its a matter of time before we can print the clothing we wear today". There will always be front runners in any industry and I intend to push my design ideas to show how these new technologies can be used in textiles and, perhaps someone will take them on if the work has already been done for them.

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