I ordered lots of e-textiles bits a few weeks ago and have been testing them to see how they work. I started with a battery holder with a built in light sensor which turns the leds on when the light level drops. I tried stitching a parallel circuit following a shape from my visual research to see if I could work out how to do it.

After I had completed the circuit and checked that it was working I attached clear tubes to the leds so I could test a design idea I had. I wanted to see if the light would travel down the tubes and create a fibre optic look. The tubing is quite stiff and difficult to work with so I will need to find something that is more flexible but for the technical testing it worked ok. I tested the idea in a dark room and these were the results.

The light does travel a bit but not as much as I had expected. I do however like the appearance of it with a subtle glow down the tube. The stitching of the conductive thread has come loose from being handled a lot so this is something I will need to address for the final design. I will also use more flexible tubing and smaller pieces as they are quite long due to it's lack of flexibility. 1 battery will light 5 leds as shown so this will need to be considered in the final design. I will be looking at using 2 batteries to power 10 leds and I'm hoping 2 sensors would react the same to the varying light levels.

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