It was suggested from my first presentation to consider digitally printing some of light movement images and the ones with the colour palettes on. I decided to look back through the images to see if there were any that could work as prints. I narrowed them down but found a lot had other things going on that I wouldn't want in the prints such as signs and performers. To resolve this I loaded the images in photoshop and experimented with the scale and placement making them larger and focusing on certain areas of the images. What I found was that it then created areas which were in focus and others that were blurred but they seemed to work well together. I printed them onto paper first so that I could narrow them down to see which worked best together and picked 8 to work with initially.

I like the colours on these images and can see how I could easily work into them with stitch. One image has been put into a repeat as the lines worked well to create a stripe pattern. I will be printing them onto a silk crepe as from the samples on display it showed the colours in bright tones well and had a good weight.

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