So looking at my visual research to date I was struggling to see ways I could translate them into design ideas. It was suggested I try and find a way of tying it in with the other side of my project by manipulating the imagery. To do this I first tried using photography by slowing the shutter speed like I had for my light movement images but this didn't work well. Next I tried pulling the images through a scanner which gave much better results. I moved the images in wave shapes, staggered the movements and twisted the paper around to get different effects. The end results I am really pleased with and should give some good ideas for shapes to recreate that are not so illustrative. These were some of resulting images:

[Untitled]05122016(24) [Untitled]05122016(20) [Untitled]05122016(12) [Untitled]05122016(10) [Untitled]05122016(7) [Untitled]05122016(3) [Untitled]05122016(2)

The only thing missing from these images is the colours so maybe I need to do some more visual images in the colours of my palette. I also wanted to look more at details within my original photographs to help with smaller scale details to be taken into design ideas.

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