Last week I decided to dye some fabrics in the colours of my palette. Although my palette isn't yet finalised I felt it would be a good opportunity to see how some of the colours would look on different fabrics and would give me fabrics to start working on for design ideas. As they were being dyed in batches of 2 each had to be the same type of dye, because of this I have started with acid dyes and have dyed a variety of silks of varying weights. The colours were scanned into the colour matching software to generate the dye mixture proportions and each colour was dyed onto a different fabric.

Checking the pH levels before adding the colour, salt and fabric.


The larger pots are able to hold fabric around A2 in size depending on its weight and 2 pots can be dyed in the mathis at once.


The results were generally good and evenly distributed onto the fabrics. The purple was the same colour shade as previously dyed however the mixture was different as it was more accurate to the original colour. The blue did come out much lighter than the shade I had scanned however it is a colour that appears in the original photographs I took for inspiration and may work as a part of the palette. I will use it for now in design ideas but in the new year I will also be dyeing it again and setting it as a wool fabric which i'm told may work better. The yellow and green are also very close in colour so I will be looking at whether either will need to change or if it is because they are both on transparent fabrics. Overall they are a good base to work from for now and to start developing ideas on were I can see how they will work in the colours from my palettes. In the new year I hope to dye on a wider range of fabrics to see how they take the colours which should allow me to decide which fabrics would be best to use in each colour.

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