Today we had an introductory lecture to casting, mould making and 3D printing to explain more about what could be done at the University and different ways of doing things. We were talked through the different techniques you could use, what materials are used and what could be achieved. I found this talk really helpful particularly as it gave me a chance to know more about the 3D printing facilities in the University and what could be achieved. I was able to talk to Ryan who delivered the lecture after about what it was I was hoping to achieve and the capabilities of the machine he has. The one in Bonnington is smaller and could produce small designs but if I were to take it further and produce something larger I would need to seek permission to use the larger machine in Newton. The has given me an opportunity to think more about what it is I want to create and to what scale whether it is multiple pieces or one large piece which, is something that I will need to consider with the design development.

Trapping objects and 3D printing


3D printing knitted fabrics


Casting, moulding and trapping lace


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