My portfolio is something I have been struggling with to decide what it should look like and contain. To help I've been researching jobs and what they expect to see from candidates applying to be an embroidery designer. I also looked at print design vacancy listings as I have found some of the job expectations cross over and some companies were looking for candidates to cover both print and embroidery. This was also important because I am seriously considering freelance I would look to have print designs in my collections alongside embroidery to reach a broader audience. The main expectation is a portfolio of samples and designs showing a range of styles and in particular a feminine style seems to be requested a lot. Most also asked for a demonstration of photoshop and illlustrator skills and, hand drawing and painting skills. Other things asked for were evidence of embroidery placement on patterns, tech packs and general skills such as organised, good communication and strong attention to detail.

For me the most important thing in my portfolio is to have a range of samples covering different styles. This would work well for both freelance and an in-house position as not only would it demonstrate my ability to create a variety of designs but it could also be tailored to the a specific company. These will be presented in an A3 archive box which will make them easy to transport and protect them from being damaged. I may need to increase the size of one of the boxes in time however as some of the samples are starting to get larger in size. There will also be loose sheets consisting of a moodboard for each collection, a colour board and some development boards.

I would like to include tech sheets and visualisations however I need more time to develop these as they are currently weaker areas of mine. I decided on reflection that I would rather spend more time creating good examples of these than rush to simply have them in my portfolio at this time. I will be focusing on sample production as this is the most important and then creating some sheets that sit alongside the collections to help show the key features in them.

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