Today we found out if we had been shortlisted for the Hand and Lock competition and to my delight this is what I received!

I had to get in touch with them as I'd entered both categories to find out which one had been selected and I was told it was my entry for the Wilcom Digital Embroidery category. I was a bit shocked at first as I felt my hands entry was stronger but clearly the competition was better. Either way I'm thrilled to have been shortlisted and now I have to start thinking about my final garment. I submitted a design along with my samples so I have an idea of what I will be producing but it does state you are able to change it if you wish. I've been assigned an industry mentor who has a wealth of expertise in couture tailoring which will be a huge help with the garment side of this piece. I'm really excited at the prospect of producing a garment with my embroidery on especially as it was my original plan on my MA and I know it will teach me a lot more skills with regards to embroidery for fashion.

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