Looking over my work its quite evident that I have included quite a bit of fringing. The techniques seems to be making quite a few appearances in the latest couture shows and has reported as a future trend on WGSN.

1st Collection

This collection features a lot of fringing exploring a few different ideas and ways to represent it. The samples have long fringing, directional fringing, distressing as fringing and layering leather as a fringed edge. Although the same range of colours are used the different use of techniques mean the samples don't look too similar to one another but still appear as part of the same collection.


2nd Collection

The fringing ideas are explored in bright colours in this collection and again looking at different approaches to the technique such as recreating it with folded sequins. Layering of the fringing has been continued as in the first collection but with different shapes.


As far as this technique goes I do feel that I need to move on as I worry that if I don't I will end up with too many samples using the same technique. I do feel its good that I have explored it in different ways showing that as a designer I can use different approaches to a particular technique without the work all looking too similar.

Ralph and Russo Fall 17

This collection has quite a few garments featuring fringing as a key element to the designs. Of my work the long white fringing sample and directional fringing sample from the 1st collection would most sit with these designs.

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