This project has been a labor of love but also a great struggle. I came onto the MA wanting to learn new skills and work with smart textile applications which was something I had wanted to explore since graduation from me BA 5 years ago. I can confidently say I've learnt a lot of new skills and tested my abilities to use them to create designs. With that however I feel like I spent so much time developing ideas and learning new processes that I didn't leave enough time to produce final design ideas. Although there are some good samples my 3rd collection in particular is very much a work in progress. I have plenty of ideas to finalise and add to my portfolio but in the end it was a matter of rush them and neglect the quality or accept that this was only the beginning and, they would be ready to finish and add to my portfolio at a later date. I also started to notice a change in approach with them, having researched taking part in the print design fair in London and realising I would need much more commercial designs they were beginning to become just that and less innovative. They will make great additions when completed for a trade show but for this project they simply weren't up to the level of innovation as my other collections.

I had also produced a new range of 3D prints that I was hoping to put into final pieces but again fell short of time. I have been eager to make the most of the facilities whilst I have had the chance so again at least I now have them to work with. A lot of time at the end was taken up by not only the personal issues I have faced this year but also my Hand and Lock entry. Having to produce the final design, test and begin the final garment at the same time has been tricky and ultimately something had to give. Due to staff being away to help me with this I had to finish my hand and lock Wilcom files whilst I could get the support I needed. I'm happy with how my garment is looking and again I've learnt so much in a short space of time of how to engineer embroidery to a pattern which will help me in my future work.

Overall I am pleased with my project and how much I have achieved with the support of some great people. It may not all be how I wanted it but it's pretty close and as I've previously stated it is only the beginning.

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